Our staff is comprised of dedicated professionals who share responsibility for taking care of our patients.


Extensive academic training and professional experience have prepared our doctors to meet the health-care needs of your family members, regardless of age.


Our goal is to provide you with quality care by offering convenient hours, accessibility and compassionate service.


Terry Slayman, MD, FAAFP • Neil Richard, MD, FAAFP • Jeannine Hughes, MD • Jennifer Briones, MD • Christina Jepson, MD • Linda Ambrose, CNP • Regina Meyer, CNP •  

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Please join us in welcoming Dr Christina Jepson to Westerville Family Physicians.  She will begin seeing patients in September.

Terry Slayman, MD, FAAFP• Neil Richard, MD, FAAFP• Jeannine Hughes, MD• Jennifer Briones, MD• Christina Jepson, MD• Linda Ambrose, CNP• Regina Meyer, CNP